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Who We Are

Ohio City Canine

Hello! My name is Julia Westermann and I’m the head trainer and owner of Ohio City Canine in Ohio City Cleveland, Ohio. There is nothing I love more than watching an owner’s face light up when they see their dog behave differently for the first time. I offer behavior modification and aggression rehabilitation for dogs that struggle with anxiety, leash pulling, resource guarding, leash reactivity, dog/human aggression, jumping, counter surfing, ignoring recall, or puppies that simply need guidance for the first time.


Julia Westermann

Years ago, I rehomed my own dog due to behavioral issues I had no idea how to address at the time. It was heartbreaking. On my journey to veterinary school, I found myself in the dog training world and it became my passion to prevent anyone else from experiencing the stress, pain and disappointment that follows an unbalanced relationship with their dog.

Here at Ohio City Canine, your dog is my entire world for the duration of his/her stay. By limiting my exclusive in-home training program to two dogs at a time, I am able to give your unique pup my undivided attention and put all my focus on turning YOUR dog into the dog you’ve always dreamed of.

I take pride in developing meaningful and involved client-trainer relationships with every human that comes through my front door. At Ohio City Canine, you are not coming to a training facility; you are being welcomed into my home to discover a new beginning for you and your dog.


When I made the decision to leave the Marine Corps in 2014, I was filled with determination to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Case Western Reserve University with a pre-med focus and minors in Chemistry and Medical Anthropology, and over that time spent countless hours working in veterinary medicine, wildlife behavior and rehabilitation, equine therapy, and canine behavior modification. Once I discovered balanced dog training and the joy it gave me to change the lives of both dogs and their owners in such a powerful way, I was hooked, and Ohio City Canine was born.

When I’m not training dogs, I can be found in the gym, hiking, fly fishing, and going on adventures with my own dog, Billy.