Your dog will stay in my home during their board and train! Your dog will learn to be their best selves in a comfortable, relatable home setting, not a facility. This means your dog learns in an environment that includes all of those real life things, like doorbells, mailmen, and guests. Your dog will never be left alone at night and will even accompany me on daily trips to ensure they are well behaved no matter where they go!

In order to stop unwanted behaviors, yes, the E-Collar can be uncomfortable for your dog, but this is a small portion of E-Collar work. The Mini Educator by E-Collar Technologies uses patented muscle stimulation much like a TENS therapy unit, rather than the hot and sharp shock people expect. The majority of E-Collar work is at your dog’s “working level”, which is very low, and is an incredibly sensitive form of communication! Owners love this collar!

Yes! When used correctly, prong collars are shown in studies to be the safest collar possible for your dog. While looks can be deceiving, the prong collar is an incredible tool that allows effortless connection and communication with your dog in a safe and humane way. I absolutely love educating people on this misunderstood tool!

Age is not a factor in teaching a dog new things! Young or old, my training programs will transform your dog’s behavior.

I am located in the heart of Ohio City, Cleveland.

Yes! Much of the work is already done, but obedience to the owner is very much reliant on the nature of the relationship. If your dog sees you as a buddy, it is very likely that you will have issues with your dog listening even after a board and train because you need to establish yourself as an authority figure. This does not mean you have to be mean to your dog, but you have to follow through with the exercises and application the e-collar as instructed, otherwise, your dog will revert back to old behaviors.